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Recent technical innovations have now made it possible to manufacture porcelain in sizes and thicknesses that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

CoverlamBy compacting a mixture of natural materials with water in sophisticated modern pressing systems it is now possible to produce a laminated porcelain tile only 3mm thick. Coverlam is fired in innovative gas and electric hybrid kilns which facilitate a substantial reductions in CO2 emissions.

To increase the mechanical strength of Coverlam, it is structurally reinforced with 0.5mm of glass fibre backing, making the finished thickness 3.5mm. The sheets are produced in pieces measuring 3000mm x 1000mm with a rectified edge, but are also available in sizes 1000mm x 1000mm, 500mm x 1000mm and 500mm x 500mm. The sheets can be drilled and cut for pipes, sockets etc. using diamond drill bits and cutters as with any porcelain tile, and is fitted using the same adhesives.

At 3.5mm thick Coverlam weighs in at only 7.8kg per square metre, which greatly reduces packaging and transportation costs. The porcelain sheets are rigid and have a high resistance to UV light, wear, chemical attack, fire and frost. The light weight and large size makes Coverlam particularly useful for facing doors, ventilated facades and counters amongst many other applications and allows for the use of porcelain where traditional tiles would not be practical.

coverlam-oxidoCoverlam is ideally suited to wall and floor installation both inside and out. The huge saving in weight means it removes the requirement for support frames when cladding walls over 3m tall, greatly reducing the time and costs involved. At 3.5mm thick it is the perfect material for refurbishment as it will apply over any other material without the need for removal of the existing surface, thus reduces inconvenience and cost. The large dimensions and ease of cutting mean less installation time with fewer joints and being porcelain it is extremely hard warring and easy to clean. This makes it very suitable for both residential and commercial projects including hospitals, retail, hotels, car showrooms, offices and external building cladding to name just a few.

Colours available
– Limestone Blanco, Limestone Gris, Limestone Marron, Limestone Beige, Wood Cerezo, Concrete Tabaco, Concrete Marfil and Oxido Negro.

Sizes available – 3000mm x 1000mm, 1000mm x 1000mm, 500mm x 1000mm, 500mm x 500mm. (All 3.5mm thick)

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