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Kerakoll was founded in 1976 by Gian Luca Sghedoni and has grown to become a leading Italian manufacturer of chemical products to the tile and building industry with plants and offices in 25 countries around the world. The company is especially known for its green credentials and invests 5.4% of turnover back in to the development of environmentally friendly products. It is the leading global manufacturer of green building solutions, boasting a technical supremacy famous around the world. This has led to continuous growth as an increasing number of architects, designers and construction companies specify Kerakoll products to meet the ever more stringent green targets being set for the industry worldwide.

RapidflexThe huge investment in research and development means that existing products are continually improving and new ones are regularly launched. Recent examples of this are ceramic grout and H40 eco Rapidflex adhesive. The ceramic grout is a huge step forward in joint filling technology consisting of spherical grains of quartz sand coated in ceramic to produce an easy to apply grout in a full range of colours that is totally impervious to water and will not stain or grow mould and bacteria (see separate ceramic grout article). Many adhesives claim to be for use on wooden floors but H40 eco Rapidflex is the first single component, cement based adhesive to be classified as P2 under ISO EN 13007-2, suitable for use on timber floors. The complete H40 range incorporate technological superiority withstanding cycles of mechanical strain in the most advanced safety test developed for cement based adhesives.

TenaflexIt is advantageous when fixing wall tiles in some patterns or difficult combinations to fix from the top down or start part way up the wall. This requires immediate adhesion with no slippage while maintaining a long adjustability time. Tenaflex is designed to achieve this using thixotropizing and antifilm polymers to create an adhesive with high tack and water release regulators for rapid secure laying. In addition its high resistance to the constant presence of water makes it ideal for swimming pools as well as commercial floors.

These are just a few of the huge range of advanced eco products from Kerokoll which include binders and screeds, levelling and self levelling, preparation products for substrates, adhesives, grouts and sealants.

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