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A variety of Siemens home appliances are equipped with innovative sensors and intelligent software. They simply make your home more intelligent, more efficient, and, above all, more comfortable.


The sensors

Each individual sensor performs its own special task. For instance, inside the dishwasher, the aqua sensor analyses the cloudiness of the water with the help of an infrared beam of light, while another sensor measures the temperature. In this way, the sensors in every appliance gather important information about the temperature, weight or degree of soiling – with absolute precision. This data is then passed on to the iSensoric Control Unit, where it is analysed and processed to fully automatically achieve the very best results for you.


For a life less ordinary

iSensoric makes life easier by taking a large amount of work off of your shoulders. But that’s not all. In addition to perfect washing results, clean dishes, or optimal freshness, iSensoric also delivers maximum efficiency. It gives you the freedom to leave everyday stress behind and dedicate your time to more important things. After all, this is exactly why iSensoric was developed: For a life less ordinary.


The iSensoric Control Unit


The control unit is the intelligent hub of all appliances featuring iSensoric. Here is where the information from the sensors is collected, analysed, and processed – to control each process with maximum efficiency. In this way, you can be assured that your laundry, food, and your dishes are handled with utmost attention at all times.


Original Source – Siemens